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Acura Key West 2007

Acura Key West 2007 Race Videos


Don't have the Race Player yet? Watch a video.


View the entire Kattack™ track clips from our week of providing support to Gary Jobson and his daily ESPN video updates. The daily featured fleets, shown in their entirety, are available below in Flash Video format.


To view these races in their fully interactive and detailed format download our Kattack™ Race Player.

Date Class Race Flash Video  
Mon Jan 15, 2007 J105 1 Click Here to Play Video  
Mon Jan 15, 2007 J105 2 Click Here to Play Video  
Tues Jan 16, 2007 IRC 1 3 Click Here to Play Video  
Tues Jan 16, 2007 IRC 1 4 Click Here to Play Video  
Tues Jan 16, 2007 IRC 3 3 Click Here to Play Video  
Tues Jan 16, 2007 IRC 3 4 Click Here to Play Video  
Wed Jan 17, 2007 Melges 32 5 Click Here to Play Video  
Wed Jan 17, 2007 Melges 32 6 Click Here to Play Video  
Thurs Jan 18, 2007 Farr 40 7 Click Here to Play Video  
Thurs Jan 18, 2007 Farr 40 8 Click Here to Play Video  
Fri Jan 19, 2007 Corsair 28R 9 Click Here to Play Video  


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Kattacktm Race Player Replays Acura Key West

Minneapolis, MN, February 6, 2007 – The full action of Acura Key West 2007 is now online at www.Kattack.com with GPS race tracking from all the major fleets. Kattacktm provided Key West race tracking services for Gary Jobson's ESPN daily race highlights by incorporating video highlights from the Kattacktm Race Player.

Each day a fleet was tracked as part of the Jobson/ESPN “featured fleet of the day”. Jobson cameras tracked the fleet from chase boats while one or two racing boats had on-board cameras. Kattacktm outfitted the entire fleet with GPS units each day, allowing detailed analysis of every boat's speed, polars, and sailed course.

For a limited time video replays of each race, in it's entirety, can be viewed at www.Kattack.com in video format without having to download the Kattack Race Player. Simply click the link and view the race via a high resolution Flash media player.

For those desiring the full media experience, the Kattacktm Race Player is still available as a free beta download. Using the Race Player, viewers can analyze individual boat performance, zoom in or out, speed up or slow down, observe wind shifts, and catch every tactical nuance of the race along with polars and speed strip charts for each boat.

Kattacktm Vice President Steve Palm commented “The Kattacktm Race Player is quickly becoming recognized by top racers as the easy and entertaining way to observe race performance and tactics”. Palm was in Key West assisting with Kattacktm operations.

The Kattacktm Race Tracking system is completing it's beta period and preparing to offer it's products to racers and regatta promoters. Already, several clubs have signed on to use Kattack for their 2007 racing season. Races from the past year of beta testing include everything from weeknight beer can racing to the Farr 40 Worlds to DN Iceboat racing.

About Kattacktm

Kattacktm provides educational and compelling race playback that can be found nowhere else at an affordable cost. For anyone not at the race with a RIB, Kattack is quickly becoming the most compelling way to watch sailboat races. Founded by Tom Verburgt and Steve Palm, Kattacktm is beginning to offer it's services to yacht clubs, regatta organizers, and event sponsors.

The Kattacktm Race Player system functions by having each racing boat carrying a readily available 6oz hand held GPS receiver. Tracking data from each receiver is downloaded after the race and merged with all racer data. This data can be viewed after racing using the Kattack Race Player.

Contact for additional information or photos: Dallas.Johnson@Kattack.com - 952-935-3465

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